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Events from September 2008

The Midland School

Branchburg, NJ
September 24th & 25th, 2008

Monarch Journey was there for two days of programs with live caterpillars and butterflies. It was with delight that Loretta met with Mary Dee Atkins, Coordinator of Assembly Programs. Mary Dee had Monarch Journey set up in the beautiful naturally lit “great room”. Loretta had two caterpillar towers with chrysalides, four containers with munching caterpillars, a huge bucket of fresh milkweed and a butterfly house complete with nectar flowers and fruit for the resident butterflies. A lively question and answer period followed the well received life cycle DVD and most exciting of all - a butterfly emerged just before the first class arrived! A butterfly release capped the program’s end in the student maintained garden on campus. Loretta will be sending Mary Dee and her students milkweed seeds to plant in their garden for the upcoming return of the monarchs in 2009.

Neshaminy Manor

Warrington, PA
September 4th, 2008

Monarch Journey presented a one hour program in the Alzheimer Unit. The residents viewed the life cycle DVD about the metamorphosis and habitat of the Monarch butterfly and caterpillars. They also saw live caterpillars and butterflies.

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