Monarch Journey

Bring a Fun Learning Experience to your Classroom


Caterpillar Munch and the Pupa Dance

Munch . . . Munch . . . Munch . . . Munch . . .

That’s what monarch caterpillars do . . . much and sleep, molt and munch and munch some more.  Then they go on a “walkabout” looking for a safe place to go into the next phase of their remarkable metamorphosis . . . hanging from thread . . . looking like the letter “J”.

They rest a bit while the mysterious process continues.  Then they do the “Pupa Dance” and rest again while the pupa stage hardens and transforms into a beautiful jade green chrysalis studded with gold dots.  Another rest period of 10 to 14 days and then the miracle continues.  An adult butterfly emerges!

Learn about this process and more in your classroom and follow up with a fun art activity showcasing what was just learned.