Monarch Journey

Bring a Fun Learning Experience to your Classroom

Emerging Monarch

The now fully developed Monarch butterfly pushes on the chrysalis with its feet. Slowly but surely the chrysalis door opens and the butterfly drops out head first, holding onto the chrysalis with its feet. Hanging upside down by its forelegs, the butterfly starts to pump fluids stored in its chubby abdomen through the capillaries in its wings expanding them. Right now the wings are damp and fragile. As the wings slowly expand to their full capacity the butterfly will hang upside down until the wings stiffen and dry. The whole emergence process takes about 10 minutes or less with another 20 minutes for the wings to fully expand. The butterfly will rest for a few hours until its wings are completely dry. If it is a sunny day with the temperature above 60 degrees, the butterfly will then fly off in search of its first nectar meal from flowers.